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Swan Decorative Motif Gate Sculpture

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Swan Decorative Motif Gate Sculpture

Hand worked repousse in copper Swan, with steel bracket and replacement blacksmith hand forged decorative finials to gate and side panels. Replacement Swan and final commission completed in Sept 2009.

The Swan was a prestigious commission to replace a motif that had previously been lost from the site. I created a replacement Swan from copper using the ancient art of repousse, a technique of decorating and manipulating copper sheet into a detailed decorative form.

The design was influenced upon a stone carving that adorns the wall of St Hugh’s above the main door. Also badly corroded decorative finials had to be replaced on the main gate and side panels and were created using hot working of metal using blacksmithing skills.

Location: St Hugh’s College Oxford.

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Steel | Hand Formed | Copper | School | Community

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