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Dragonfly Wall Sculpture

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Dargonfly – Wembrook

The dragonfly is the school motif, of Wembrook Primary School. The school wished to commission a dragon fly sculpture for the playground wall in conjunction with a ceramic wall sculpture.

I was working in collaboration with & Ceramic Artist Rosamonde Ingram on the project. Rosamonde undertook the wall hanging river scene with the children of Wembrook school, whilst I designed and created the wall hanging Dragonfly sculpture based upon observation’s of dragonflies, and bull rush plant sculpture for the river scene.

It has a wing span of some two metres, and the whole piece is made of steel and hand formed high grade aluminium, with glass mosaic on wings surfaces. The bull rushes again of hand formed aluminium and steel.

Location: Wembrook Junior School Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

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Steel | Local Government | School | Community | Mixed Media

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